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Nicklas Skovgaard

Visual Identity, Logotype

Through dialogue with the Copenhagen-based weaver and stylist, Nicklas Skovgaard, I developed a logotype and identity approach.

With a focus on emphasizing the intersection of traditional haute-couture-aesthetics and the handmade singulars that his work is, the result was a serif-based logotype. The logotype was created through a redrawing of the neo-classist roman aesthetic with a capital lower-case initial. The lower-case 'n' is enhancing that Nicklas is firstly an individual, a craftsman, and secondly a brand. The ambition is to understate his identity through a more humble initial and reflect his perception of himself.

Visual Radio

Possible Worlds Visual Radio

Concept, Design, Webdevelopment

In the first wave of national lockdown, the cultural institutions closed. And out of the need to experience performed music, Possible Worlds was conceived. As a digital-native concept with a curated collection of performed music in three different states, or moods: Serenity for relaxed and contemplating soundtracks, Euphoria for the up-tempo and uplifting, and Avantgarde with a visually and sonically challenging as well as an interesting collection of music.

The design is centered around the content being the concept. Three different digitally RGB colors initiate the difference between the rooms. Typeface is Soyuz Grotesk by Temporary State. A neo-grotesque mixed with Cyrillic characters with a sense of familiar otherworldly-ness.

Tekla Fabrics Tekla Fabrics Tekla Fabrics Tekla Fabrics

Tekla Fabrics

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding

During the first years of the—now famous—danish interior-brand Tekla Fabrics, I worked as an in-house art director.

The then small brand's communication, product development, design, and media platforms were amongst my focuses. Brand building together with the founder, Charlie Hedin, was our collective goal and done via strong visual content and popular Spotify playlists.

OCP Web OCP Logo OCP mobile OCP mobile

Ole Clausen Produktion

Visual Identity, Website Design

Logotype and website designed for production company, location-scouting agency, philanthropist, and over-all good-guy Ole Clausen.

The logotype consists of traditional neo-grotesque characters with added enlarged ink-traps to reflect Ole's personality with a contemporary feel. Set atop of each other with a sense of stability, that his services must provide. The website shows a range of selected cases in a mobile-friendly format.

Efter Solen OCP Logo OCP mobile OCP mobile OCP mobile

Jonas Eika—Efter Solen

Graphic Design, Publication

Created during a course at The Royal Danish Academy, as a redesign of the winner of Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris 2018, Efter Solen.

Handbound in canvas and typeset in Genath. The book is accompanied by a bookmark citing Jonas' scathing acceptance speech at the ceremony.

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